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"Bitches" Canton Style Plate


Colourful birds, fighting cocks and human daily life were commonly used as decoration in traditional Canton style porcelain, but what if we replaced them with a modern workplace scenario? With a rich polychrome decoration of flowers, animals, this plate not only keeps the distinguishing feature of Canton style porcelain but also gives a unique sense of modernity. Male and female coworkers gathering in the office, gossiping and talking under the pretence of working hard; this plate is ideal for serving the peanuts with your friends!

"Bitches" Canton Style Plates are locally handmade by Yuet Tung China Works, which was established in 1928, the first hand-painted porcelain factory in Hong Kong.



"Bitches" Canton Style Plate 「花生友」廣彩碟



From the dawn of time, tradesmen decorated Chinese porcelain with symbolic and auspicious ideas. Bat (fu 蝠) is a symbol of good fortune while deer (lu 鹿) symbolises the ability to reap rewards (lu 祿). The decorative details on Chinese porcelain reflect the hopes and wishes of the ancient Chinese people. Each generation holds a different set of expectations, and younger Millennials are driven by differentdesires today. Therefore, our work tries to combine traditional Chinese porcelain with popular culture, aiming to bring traditional crafts and blessings into everyday life.



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