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Hong Kong has been into a series of darkless this summer, we, as a Hong Kong citizen, wanted to do something to inspire others what our culture is.

6th June 2019, marked the day of 2 million + 1 Hong Kongers came out and protest peacefully and orderly. Without any leader, people gave ways spontaneously to an ambulance that needed to pass through to rescue the unwell. The incident is praised by worldwide media on the quality of Hong Kongers. We can’t be more proud of it! Taking the chance to record this moment of humanity, we just want to remind ourselves that manners makth man and together we are strong. Guess this is the only way we can use our expertise to influence others, everyone stay strong, we have each others!The illustration included over 800 people and used 24 hours to complete. Sams as protest, every single one need time to draw. Together, this is power! The poster is now available for purchase. We are charging the production cost only for the appreciation in spreading the beauty of Hong Kong.

我們是真香港人 - 海報


This is Us! We are Hong Kongers - Poster


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