Filled with humankind

THE CABINET was formed by a group of Hong Kong designers, specialised in executing creative ideas into actual solutions. We believe every wowing design has authentic details and crafted with exquisite finishing. After 14 years, we established our own design brand following our believe - having a good sense of humour is a crucial attitude in life. 

We are here to bring wild ideas and smiles into your daily living.

THE CABINET 由 Malou Ko 與一群志同道合的香港設計師組成。這些年來,我們致力為客戶實現創意概念,並追求優質的設計成果。2020年,我們成立了同名自家設計品牌。我們相信幽默是一種輕鬆和必需的生活態度,希望透過設計的力量,讓瘋狂的意念融入日常,為生活添上一份微笑。



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