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Terms and Conditions:
1.The Cabinet E-girt card is valid for 12 months after purchasing.
2.The E- gift card can only redeem once and use for single purchase.
3.The E-gift card is not applied to shipping cost.
4.The value of this E-gift card cannot be exchanged for cash.
5.The Cabinet Limited is not responsible for lost or stolen gift cards or for use without the owner'spermission.
6.You may not use a The Cabinet E-Gift Card to purchase other The Cabinet E-Gift Cards.
7.The Cabinet Limited reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions, in the event of any dispute, The Cabinet Limited reserves the right of final decision.

1.The Cabinet 電子禮品卡於購買日起計12個月內有效。
2. 電子禮品卡只能使用於單次購物。
3. 電子禮品卡不適用於商品的運費。
4. 電子禮品卡不可兌換現金。
5. 禮品卡如有遺失、被盜或未經持卡人授權的使用,The Cabinet Limited概不負責。
6. 電子禮品卡不能用於購買其他The Cabinet電子禮品卡
7. The Cabinet Limited保留解釋及修訂有關使用條款及細則之權利,如有任何爭議,The Cabinet Limited保留最終決定權。

$500 Gift card


  • The Cabinet E-gift card is available at the The Cabinet web store, with the value of HKD$100 and HKD$ 500. A E-gift card will be sent to your email in 2 working days after purchasing.

    How to use The Cabinet E-gift card:

    1.Go to to select your desired items and put them in the shopping cart.
    2.Go to your shopping cart.
    3.Click Enter Promo Code and add your gift card numbers.

    The Cabinet電子禮品卡The Cabinet 電子禮品卡可用於The Cabinet網上商店,價值分別為港幣$100及港幣$500。電子禮品卡會於下單後兩個工作天內以電郵傳送給你。

    如何使用The Cabinet電子禮品卡:
    3.於Enter a promo code一欄輸入禮品卡編號。

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